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MacRepertory & ReferenceWorks Testimonials


rajan sankaran“These programs are a revolution and offer homeopathy tremendous potential! They have been invaluable for me in my research on plant families – not to mention their daily use in my clinic. I am very happy with them.”

Rajan Sankaran, MD

test-jayesh-shah-bw“I cannot imagine existing as a homeopath without ReferenceWorks. The program is truly part of all my development as a homeopath. David has always lived up to expectations of the newest advancing methodology.”

Jayesh Shah, MD

frans-vermeulen“This version was very easy to install, and now I am exploring all of the new features for my next project, a volume on plant remedies. ReferenceWorks is incredible and, as far as I am concerned, you should rename it ReallyWonderful.”

Frans Vermeulen

roger-morrison“ReferenceWorks is a truly incredible achievement. It is a mature program which combines state-of-the-art computer programming with a deep understanding of the needs of homeopaths and inner working of homeopathy.”

Roger Morrison, MD

massimo“I have used other programs but my results were not nearly as impressive. Now I strongly encourage all of my students to buy MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. They are clearly the best homeopathic software available.

Massimo Mangialavori, MD

test-louis-klein-bw“MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks just keep getting more and more sophisticated – 21st century tools indeed. I find them very valuable in effectively dealing with the complex cases we are now seeing in our practices.”

Louis Klein, FSHom

anne-shadde“For more than 20 years I’ve used MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks in my practice; they are comprehensive, very easy-to-use and make the prescription quick and certain. David’s implementation of the family relationships is visionary!”

Anne Schadde

miranda-castro“These programs are far more powerful, more three dimensional, and yet easier to use, than anything else available. They are great teaching, and of course, studying tools. They make learning small remedies a piece of cake.”

Miranda Castro, FSHom

nancy-herrick“ReferenceWorks represents a major milestone in my success in prescribing. I’m not a computer person yet its brilliant design gives me easy access to all of the information I need. I cannot imagine practicing and teaching without it; really, nothing else compares.”

Nancy Herrick, PA

jan-scholten“MacRepertory’s Concept searches are perfect for studying materia medica. ReferenceWorks is great for discovering families – so many beautiful graphs! It’s a tremendous tool that has helped me to do research that would be impossible without it.”

Jan Scholten, MD

rina-markovits“ReferenceWorks and MacRepertory are very helpful, always there for me in my studies and practice – and in the most friendly and inspirational way, triggering my mind to play, explore and develop! I highly recommend these programs to all of my students.”

Rina Markovits, MD

test-bill-gray-bw“I LOVE the family features! They are wonderful and fun, advancement for all of homeopathy. These programs bring out amazing possibilities while combining a wide variety of approaches in very usable ways. Congratulations, I am thrilled!!!”

Bill Gray, MD

peter koenig“MacRepertory is my eternally reliable and brave companion; my daily and nightly tool. A most beautiful one that is developing and growing with me towards particular and healing prescriptions. I’m so glad and rich and grateful to have it!”

Peter Koenig, MD

melissa-burch“MacRepertory is essential cutting-edge software for every serious homeopath and student. KHA’s continual pursuit of excellence is the attitude that we all need to aspire to if we are to truly make homeopathy the medicine of the 21st century.”

Melissa Burch, CCH

declanhammond“The newest MacRepertory is a quantum leap; I am so excited about it. I love the intuitive feel; the invitation to try something new, to explore new ways of thinking. You and your team have produced something really special here. A heartfelt thank you.”

Declan Hammond, LCH, ISHom

test-alize-timmerman-bw“ReferenceWorks is an amazing tool. At the Hahnemann instituut we find it so simple and efficient that it encourages silence, amusement and creativity during the interview while enabling us to find our patient in the prover’s words.”

Alize Timmerman, ND

bhawisha-joshi“ReferenceWorks dishes out an incredible amount of knowledge in a very friendly way. The program has been of immense help in our work with Minerals, Imponderables and Nosodes. It should be a must have to every homeopath.”

Bhawisha Joshi, MD

Andreas N. Bjorendal“Our foundation came when Hahnemann revealed nature through provings. Our structure came with the repertories. With ReferenceWorks we have a full house of homeopaths, a library and a creative studio to perform the art and science of homeopathy”

Andreas N. Bjorendal, NAN MNHL

sachindra-joshi“Easy access, a rich variety of search options and a huge bank of information – all packed in one amazing program. Whether it is my daily practice in the clinic or finding some rare information for research, ReferenceWorks has never let me down.”

Shachindra Joshi, MD

mahesh-gandhi“These are the best and friendliest homeopathic software that you can buy and I strongly recommend them to every homeopath. They have had a big hand in my growth as a homeopath and helped me to develop my ideas and concepts in psychiatry.”

Mahesh Gandhi, MD

gianni-marotta“For nearly 25 years I have enjoyed using MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks tremendously. As I tell my students, these are simply the best, most beautiful, most visionary and easiest homeopathic software in the world and the ones you want to own.”

Gianni Marotta, MD

test-divya-chhabra-bw“Whether the case needs an overview of a family group, an exact sentence in the prover’s words or a peculiar central rubric, the best place to find it is MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. As we evolve David and his incredible work always keep pace.”

Divya Chhabra, MD

richard-pitcairn“I absolutely love MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks. They are completely customizable and I can set them up exactly as I like. They are beautiful and that is important as I use them all day, all year long. I especially appreciate how easy it is to use different repertories.”

Richard Pitcairn, DVM

cheryl-feng“Power, innovation, accuracy, flexibility and technology – David’s programs help me prescribe at my best. Creativity, are beauty and warmth… David infused them with the heart and soul of life I want in my practice. As though they were made just for me.”

Cheryl Feng, ND

Bill-Mann“These programs are brilliant, intuitive and full of diamonds and treasures. No serious homeopath should be without them. Hahnemann soul lives in ReferenceWorks. Besides my heart, it has been the most reliable tool I’ve used for two decades.”

Bill Mann, L Ac

grant-bentley“For more than 20 years I have seen the MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks grow into sophisticated tools that are indispensable for clinical prescribing. Both programs have been fundamental in development of my miasmatic facial analysis research and clinical work.”

Grant Bentley, ND

test-linda-johnston-bw“I am completely stunned by the possibilities of these programs. I can unequivocally state that no other program comes close to what you’ve created. Actually, they are so cool that a word has not been invented to describe them yet!”

Linda Johnston, MD

krista-heron“MacRepertory and ReferenceWorks are hands-down the most innovative and creative software around! It is like having Massimo, Rajan, Divya, Alize and Lou all rolled into one convenient and accessible friend whenever you need them.”

Krista Heron, ND

misha-norland“I cannot praise the programs highly enough for their quality of information, ease of retrieval, innovation and beautiful design. They have greatly enhanced our ability to find similima, to research and to teach and for nearly 20 years I have been their greatest fan.”

Misha Norland, FSHom

annette-sneevliet“For me Mac rep and Reference Works are the most important tools to help me find a similimum. The programs are easy to use and combine so many search strategies.
They help using the knowledge from the old homeopaths, in combination with the new insights from Sankaran, Mangialavori, Scholten etc. In this way I can make solid prescriptions and experience the beauty and enormous effect of homeopathic treatment in all kinds of diseases.”

Annette Sneevliet

michal-yakir“Over the past few years, I have been writing my new book about the “Table of Plants”.  In order to compile it, I needed as many resources as possible about remedies.  These included Materia Medica, old and new Provings and articles from professional journals and modern homeopathic books.  I was able to find all of these and more in ReferenceWorks and, although I have additional homeopathic programs available to me, I found that ReferenceWorks is the richest, most advanced and easiest to use and to search. I deeply recommend it to everyone!  In fact, I couldn’t have accomplished my book without it.”

Michal Yakir, RCHom